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Carp Club Derby Results

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Puddingstone - January 2011

I'll keep this short. As usual Puddingstone lived up to its reputation for the month of January and no carp were landed. Plenty of activity - fish jumping, short pulls, beeps all over but nothing stuck.
But it was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was great to finally get a line wet this year.Great seeing all the usual suspects and I just wished I was able to meet a few new members that attended.

Congrats to all that stuck it out: Sco, Jered, Evan, Brian, Tom, Nermin, Wayne, Karl, Henry, Kim, Tony, Courtney, Zolt (Hun) and Dave. Well, we'll get into them next time.
Stay tuned for February's derby location and date. Hope to see you all there!


Peck - February 2011

Well, we are now 0:2 this year. It was another tough one with hardly any signs of activity. Wayne and Dave discovered some "natural food" in their area, which could explain things.
Even though no Carp was caught, it turned out to be a nice day on the water with great company. It was also great to meet the new (Hungarian) members Zolt (Hun) and his buddy Peter - I really like the feeder-rod setup.
Here are the members who stuck it out:
Dave, Wayne, Evan, Brian, Derek, Zolt, Peter, Nermin and Tom.
Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Derby and we hope to see you all there!


Perris - March 2011

Well it's official, Wayne is the winner of this months derby at Lake Perris. Congrats bro!
Saturday was basically trying something new which included using a marker float and using line clips on my rods. Fed some ducks and it was a waiting game. Night was coming and signs of life started showing.
Off the lake by 7pm, went to the market to get a few items and met Brian at the campsite. Others came shortly after and as always it was a lot of fun. Thanks Brian for manning the grill again buddy! The rest of the night is a bit blurry...
Sunday morning came way too early but managed to get to the lake around 6am with signs of life around. Nice, it's going to be a good day. NOT! That was it, a lot of us left early while a few stayed in hopes of the fish coming in. So...

1st Place - Wayne - 19.11, 23.14, 21.15, 20.13, and 8.9 for the commons and the Linear came out at 15.9
2nd Place - Jack, an old timer with a nice 19lb common.
3rd Place - Brian, Derek, Zolt, Peter, Steve, Paul and myself.
It was great to get out and seeing everyone, it was fun! Can't wait for the next one and we hope to see you all there!
Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Derby and we hope to see you all there!


Zolt (27-9)


Jered (28-0)

Perris - April 2011

Here are the results:

1st Place - Zolt (Hun): 113lbs-11oz ! (Top 5= 20-9, 24-13, 27-9, 19-10, 21-2)
Total= 231-6 !! (13 Carp)
2nd Place - Jered: 98lbs-4oz (Top 5= 13-0, 20-3, 14-3, 28-0=JP, 22-14)
Total= 98-4 (7 Carp)
3rd Place - Henry: 88lbs-11oz (Top 5= 21-9, 18-14, 14-13, 10-1, 17-6)
Total= 103-0 (6 Carp)
4th Place - Tom (Austrian): 63lbs-8oz (12-8, 16-10, 8-5, 10-10, 15-7)
5th Place - Brian (Carpdog): 62lbs-4oz (15-5, 9-0, 12-3, 15-10, 10-2)
6th Place - Nermin (Bosnia): 55lbs-9oz (11-10, 20-3, 10-5, 13-7)
7th Place - Evan (EJB): 40lbs-3oz (18-10, 21-9)
8th Place - Paul (Carps Up): 37lbs-9oz (15-5, 8-14, 13-6)
9th Place - Jack (Jack Mankin): 14lbs-8oz
10th Place - Steve, Kim (unface)

We caught a Total of 46 Carp = 730lbs - 4oz!!! Wow!

A big CONGRATS to Zolt for winning this one - it was a great show. Congrats Jered for the JP-fish (28-0) and thanks to everyone for helping out each other (we had a couple of doubles to manage). Best of all, almost everyone managed to catch a Carp that weekend - Great job guys! We hope to see everyone again at the next one.


Derby Winner - Evan


Paul's JP Fish (27-3)

Puddingstone - May 2011

Here are the Results:

1st Place - Evan (EJB): 51lbs-14oz (17-11, 16-5, 17-14)
2nd Place - Paul (carpediem): 27lbs-3oz = JP-Carp
3rd Place - Brian (CARPDOG): 20lbs-11oz
4th Place - Jered: 19lbs-0oz
5th Place - Steve, Steve's better half, Nermin, Zolt, Kim, Paul (Carps Up) and Tom.

The Catfish-JP goes to Jered: 5lbs-14oz

A big CONGRATS to all the winners!
As always it was great seeing (almost) everyone. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next one - We hope to see you all there.


Classic Champion Paul (24-5)

Classic at Tri City Park - June 2011

As always, the Classic brought a lot of our members together for some socializing and fishing. Someone told me that it was awesome to see a small park lake surrounded with rod pods! Who would've thunk it back when the club first started! Thanks to all that attended: Jered, Paul, Brian, Tom, Nermin, Derek, Zolt, Peter, Paul, Jack, Kim and Paul and his son Nicholas. I heard that Dave, Evan, and Ian also arrived in time for the after Classic festivities too.

Now the results of the Classic...........
Congratulations to Paul (carpediem) for being the 2011 SCCC Classic Champion! Paul's Classic AND jackpot winning fish weighed in at 24.10lbs! A beauty of a fish!

2nd place goes to Brian (carpdog), who was this years SCCC Angler of the Year based on his derby point totals! Brian's catch weighed in at 16.10lbs. Congrats on both counts!

3rd place goes to Nermin (Bosnia). Nermin used his knowledge of the lake to pull in only one of three "official" fish caught in the Classic, an 8.05lber.

It was a tough day of fishing, but rightly so since this was a display of our club's top ten derby fishermen. Congrats to you and all who attended!

The Classic BBQ that went on after the derby was, from what I heard, the best one yet...tons of great food, even more "juice", and lots of BS. I know that those of us not there are sorry we missed it!
Once again, congratulations to Paul for his Classic Championship. It was well deserved!
Congratulations also to Brian for his Angler of the Year award! Way to represent the SCCC!


Big Bear Lake

Season Opener at Big Bear Lake - July 2011

First of all, thanks to everyone who made it up the hill to attend our season opener. Even though we were not able to find each other, I am pretty sure everyone had a great time up in the mountains. Also, those were some easy points to grab this time ;).

Final Results:

1st Place - Paul: 27lbs 15.2oz (top 5), total: 20!!! Carp = 69lbs 8oz
2nd Place - Brian: 19lbs 10oz (top 5), total: 6 Carp = 22lbs 4oz
3rd Place - Tom: 18lbs 14oz (top 5), total: 11 Carp = 35lbs 14oz
4th Place - Jack: 14lbs 0oz (3 Carp)
5th Place - Tony: 6lbs 0oz (2 Carp)

A big congrats to Paul for his first Derby win - well done, Paul!



Night Derby at Puddingstone - August 2011

Final Results:

1st Place - Zolt: 12lbs 10oz
The rest of the field: Paul , Karl , Courtney , Tony , Henry, Mario , Jered , Evan , Ian and Derek.

A big congrats to Zolt for his Derby win - well done!


El Dorado - September 2011

Well it was a pretty slow day for the anglers who made it out to El Dorado with only one carp and two catfish being caught. On the positive side of things, I was the one who caught them.
Was a beautiful day to be outside and as always the company is first class.
Great to do some fishing with Zolt, Jack, and Paul. Also good to see the other Paul and Nermin.
Looking forward to the next one, see everyone out there.

Results were as follows:

1st place - Evan (ejb) 1 carp 13lbs something ounces?
And the list of participants included: Zolt (Hun), Paul (carpsup), Jack, Paul (carpediem), and Nermin (Bosnia).



Casitas - October 2011

The club's first derby held at Lake Casitas was a success for two members on the first day of the weekend derby. Club members Derek and Zolt used there local knowledge of the lake to catch an impressive 30 fish between them on Saturday! Way to go guys. The rest of us who made it up for Sunday were excited to get in on that action. We all set up and fished the same area as the day before, but the carp gods weren't on our side that day. Between the 8 of us fishing that area Jered managed the only 3 fish, with the largest going about 14 lbs. Though the fishing was tough it was great to be out with everyone and Casitas is a beautiful venue.
Hope to see everyone out at Perris next month.

1st place - Zolt (Top 5 = 18, 13.11, 13.8, 12.5, & 10.6 for 67lbs and 14oz)
2nd place - Derek (Top 5 = 14.8, 12.12, 11.4, 11, & 10 for 59lbs and 2oz)
3rd place - Jered (Top 5 = 14.1, 4, & 4 for 22lbs and 1oz)

Other attending anglers; Wayne, Miguel, Mario, Paul, Evan, Kim, Henry, Karl, Carol, Smifster, and Matt.


Derek's 26-6


Derek & Zolt

Perris - November 2011

Another successful Weekend-Derby with some great numbers (and hangover) is in the books. On Saturday, mother nature was showing her ugly face with rain, gusty winds and temperatures in the low 50s. Still, 9 Club Members found the way to Perris and were able to land 11 Carp during that day - 7 of which were landed by Derek, including his 26lbs-6oz JP-fish.
As the sun went down, the BBQs were fired up at the campsite. Zolt's Cevaps, Brian's Bluefin and Paul's Jalapeņo Poppers were just some of the culinary highlights - thanks to Henry, we even had Pizza on hand. Of course, there was also a wide selection of sodas available...
Sunday was pretty much the same story but with clear, sunny skies. Derek, Zolt, Jack, Paul and Evan were able to add 14 more Carp to the tally.
By the end of this 2-day event we had landed 25 Carp with a total weight of 449lbs-5oz!!!

Final Results:

1st Place - Derek (CarpOnTheBrain): 117lbs-4oz (20-0, 21-0, 23-2, 26-6 (=JP), 23-12, 20-5, 18-8, 18-2, 11-2, 11-7, 15-10. Total: 232lbs-6oz!)
2nd Place - Zolt (Hun): 94lbs-10oz (25-1, 13-3, 23-13, 20-10, 11-15)
3rd Place - Paul (carpediem): 65lbs-2oz (14-5, 20-7, 13-3, 17-3)
4th Place - Jack (Jack Mankin): 42lbs-2oz (12-0, 20-0, 10-2)
5th Place - Evan (EJB): 15lbs-1oz
6th Place - Brian (CARPDOG), Dave (uh_huh), Miguel (thecarpmaster), Henry (Henry), Paul Y (py083176), Mario (damian), Kim (unface), Nermin (Bosnia) and Tom (Austrian).

Congratulations to Derek for the Derby and JP win - and to everyone else who caught - great job, guys! It was great seeing everyone and I hope to see you guys again at the next Derby.


Winner Zolt


Evan's 24-3

Perris - December 2011

The December derby graced us with some of the nicest weather we have had for a derby in a long time, however, the fish didnt realize that and didnt really cooperate.
We did manage a few fish and like always it was great to see everyone out on the water.

1. Zolt = 2 fish (16-12, 14-4 = 31lbs)
2. Evan = 1 fish (24-3 lbs)

Anglers who attended included; Mario, Miguel, Derek, Paul Y, Tony and Courtney, Nermin, and Ian.

We hope to see everyone again in 2012!