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Links to our favorite carp fishing references and resources


Courtesy of Scorpion TackleThe Sting Library

This magazine, sponsored by Scorpion Tackle, was developed to provide the US carping community with a wealth of information from a wide range of catch and release disciplines, including:  European, US Wildwater, Paylaking, Flyfishing, and Light-lining. The availability of information, based on such a wide variety of carping disciplines, was not often seen together in magazines or internet carp sites prior to this time!   Add to it the editors' British humo(u)r which poked fun at themselves, carping personalities, and "the scene", made it a great read! 


Courtesy of USCarpProUSCarpPro Magazine Library

Continuing the one of a kind focus of The Sting, USCarpPro Magazine was created to be an independent resource of carp fishing information devoted to the US carp fisherman.  Already staffed with some of the best carpers of the varied catch and release disciplines, USCarpPro Magazine immediately gained the support and affiliation with one of the UK's top carp magazines, CARPology, and receives contributions from an ever-growing list of premiere US and European carpers.  Many of their more recent articles have also been accompanied by a video segment to enhance the reader's experience!  Rounding out the magazine are contributors (of all ages and experience) who want to share their local carping expertise and advice in hopes that you can apply them to your own sessions.   USCarpPro Magazine is definitely being read and watched by carpers AND the carping industry on both sides of the Atlantic!


Courtesy of American Carp Society HoldingsThe American Carper Library

The original online carpfishing magazine in the US, The American Carper provided its readers with content and layout that was unprecedented:  a seemingly endless amount of info, clear stunning pictures, and information about the growing US carp scene: businesses, events, stories, and individuals. What was there not to like?  The American Carper effectively laid the groundwork and established a frame that future magazines were able to successfully build upon!